Bridging Europe and Asia, Turkey is a mix of contrasting influences offering everything from cosmopolitan cities to ancient archaeological sites. It’s home to colourful bazaars, clear Mediterranean Sea and the oldest temples in the world. The country is also famed for its cuisine, spices, architecture and vibrant atmosphere, all of which you can discover while on a hotel internship in Turkey.

Why choose an internship in Turkey?

Working in Turkey has so much to offer, especially in the hospitality and tourism sector. It’s one of the world’s top 10 holiday destinations with around 40 million overseas visitors per year. With Luxureos, you’ll work in first-class hotels with a high guest turnover and deal with many guests from Europe and the Middle East. Your hotel internship in Turkey will be in a fast-paced environment and you’ll experience what it’s like to work under pressure.


Turks are friendly folks, and if you’re invited to someone’s house, food will be the main focus. They’re also very family-orientated so be ready to talk about yours! It’s a Muslim country so men and women should dress conservatively outside Istanbul and the popular beach resorts.


Turkey’s climate varies by region, but summer is hot and sunny with temperatures reaching 30 degrees. Spring and summer are warm, and winters average around 10°C with rain showers.

Must-Visit Destinations

  • Istanbul – The former capital, Istanbul, is a colourful cocktail of mosques, impressive architecture, markets and heavenly restaurants. Not to mention great nightlife.
  • Cappadocia – the Mars landscape of Cappadocia looks like a scene from Mad Max and is ready to be uploaded to Instagram.
  • The Aegean Coast – Some of Turkey’s best beaches with crystal clear water are here. While you won’t get Caribbean white sand, you will have beautiful, turquoise sea.
  • Troy – you know the story, you’ve watched the film, now visit the real location where it all took place.



Turkish. English is widely spoken in tourist areas.

Currency and Prices

Turkish lire is the official currency. You can eat a meal for about 34-60 TL (6-10 Euros) depending on the location. A cocktail in a nightclub will cost around 40 TL (7 Euros). A monthly public transport ticket, which you might choose to buy on your internship in Turkey, is around 195 TL (32 Euros).                                       


Turkey has a thriving nightlife in the main tourist destinations. On Istiklal Caddesi, Istanbul, you’ll find everything from jazz clubs, R&B and hip hop to trance nightclubs. In Bodrum, Halikarnas is the (expensive) place to go while Marmaris has two streets full of bars and clubs.


On the whole, Turkey is a moderately safe country away from the Syrian border, but none of our placements are based that area. Istanbul is the most popular city, but like in most tourist cities, beware of scams. If something seems too good to be true or just a bit weird, simply walk away.

In Eastern Turkey, female travellers should be aware that having friendly conversations, no matter how innocent you think they are, can be misconstrued as a sexual invitation. Wear appropriate clothes and keep conversations with men you do not know to formal ones. When sitting in a taxi make sure you’re in the back seat as anything else is considered inappropriate for a woman.

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