If cameras were made for one country only, it would most certainly be Italy. Its Roman amphitheatres, medieval villages, striking art and mind-blowing scenery are made for Instagram. What’s more, you have the chance to capture it all on an internship in Italy. You’ll learn so much on an internship abroad in Italy.

Why choose a hospitality or tourism internship in Italy?

It’s the fifth most visited country in the world with close to 60 million international tourists. It has all the major hotel chains as well as fabulous little independent hotels. It’s great for chefs wanting to learn authentic Italian cooking, art lovers who want to visit the galleries and outdoor aficionados looking to go into the mountains on an internship in Italy. You can find low-budget flights to the main cities and it is cheaper to live than France, Germany and the UK, providing you don’t eat and sleep in the tourist traps.


A great deal of Italian life revolves family and food and if you’re invited to dinner while on your internship in Italy, take a bottle of good quality wine for the host. Always wait to be handed food, don’t serve yourself or you won’t be invited back! Don’t expect great punctuality if you’ve arranged to meet friends, and always do two air kisses to say hello, starting with the left cheek first. Looking your best and making an effort with your appearance is important in Italy, too.


While summer months can be hot, especially in the south, winters are cool and damp. Expect summer temperatures of 22-24 in the north and 24-28 degrees in the south and between 3-11 degrees in winter.


Italian; English is spoken in tourist areas. Speaking Italian will almost certainly help you on an internship in Italy and might be a requirement in certain jobs.

Currency and Prices

The Euro is used in Italy and prices beyond the main plazas in Venice or the tourist restaurants in Florence or Milan aren’t super high. Expect to pay €3.50-5 for a beer, €9-15 for a meal in a cheap restaurant, and €20-35 for a dorm bed depending on location. Italians don’t normally tip more than rounding the price up to the nearest Euro.

Must-Visit Destinations

  • The Italian Lakes – Lake Garda, Lake Como and Lake Maggiore are absolutely stunning and have great summer weather with the mountains just behind them.
  • The Italian Alps – Great in spring and summer for hiking and in winter for snowboarding or skiing, the Italian Alps are a true year-round destination.
  • Sardinia – some of Italy’s, in fact Europe’s, best beaches are on this island which has been mistaken for the Caribbean.
  • Rome – Step back in time to when the Roman Empire built its awe-inspiring buildings and visit the city’s galleries, squares and labyrinth streets on your internship. In Italy, it’s difficult to find a city as romantic as Rome.
  • Tuscany – Foodies and wine lovers will adore Tuscany and its cute villages, vineyards and hot summer climate. Florence is a must-see.


Try the following for nightlife in Italy: Milan – club Hollywood for it’s DJs and fashionistas; Rome – Piazza Navona (but many of the clubs in Rome close in the summer because of the city’s summer festivals; Florence – Twice and Space Electronic; Venice – 947 Club.

Safety in Italy

Italy is safe for foreign visitors. Just be aware of scams in tourist areas. For women, simply ignore the catcalls and lingering looks you will likely receive.

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