One of the most popular destinations for both low-budget and high-end travellers is Thailand, the jewel of South East Asia. You can soak up the sun on its myriad islands, party in Bangkok, float up to foodie heaven and immerse yourself in Thai culture.

Why choose a hospitality internship in Thailand?

Tourism is the country’s biggest industry giving you an incredible chance to learn on a hotel internship. Thailand hosts the biggest names in the hotel world in some amazing properties


Thais are very respectful and you’ll experience this on a hotel internship. Thailand prides itself on a welcoming atmosphere and locals will often share what they have with you. That’s providing of course, you don’t commit any of these social faux pas: pointing the soles of your feet at someone’s head or touching someone’s head; shouting at them (shout and they will normally not do what you’ve asked them to); wearing skimpy clothes outside the tourist areas (even then, it’s only tolerated but not liked). If you’re here in April on your hospitality internship in Thailand, you’re in for a treat. Thais celebrate their new year known as songkhran by throwing buckets of water at passersby. Leave your electronics in the guesthouse and join in the fun!


There are two seasons you should be familiar with on your hotel internship. Thailand is either hot, or hot mixed with rain! The most humid months by far are April and May where average Bangkok temperatures are 35-38 degrees. During the rainy season, which starts in April and lasts through to October, you can set your watch by the time the downpours start. While it varies from location to location, the rain will normally be at the same time each day and for a few hours maximum, sometimes less.


Thai. Very few people outside of the main tourist resorts speak English.

Currency and Prices

One of the great things about a hospitality internship in Thailand is how cheap it is. You can eat from the street stalls for about 40 baht or €1 and the food is fantastic. In restaurants, expect to pay between €2-7 for a main meal. Rooms in guesthouses cost between €5-10. Local beer is between €1-3 depending on the bottle size and where you buy it.

Must-Visit Destinations

  • Chiang Mai – The northern city full of wats (temples), markets, friendly locals has an artisan vibe. The pace is much more relaxed here than in Bangkok.
  • Krabie – Based on the mainland but actually feels like an island as you have to get the boat to the beaches (Railay and Ton Sai). Tourism has risen here a lot in recent years so expect it to be busy in the high season (November-February) if you manage to come then on your hotel internship. Thailand’s best climbing can also be found here.
  • Kho Chang – Based close to the Cambodian border, this island is more chilled and has more backpackers than Phuket or Samui.
  • Kho Kret – This is a fabulous little pottery-making island in the Chao Praya River, just outside Bangkok. Only motorbikes and bicycles are allowed on it and you can walk around it in a few hours. It is not a beach island but an incredible haven reachable by boat and a great to place to visit on a Bangkok hotel internship, Thailand.


Bangkok has some of Asia’s best nightlife. From party-hard DJ clubs to swanky bars, you’ll be spoilt for choice. It is also a very LGBT friendly city and down Silom Soi 4 are numerous gay bars and clubs. For backpacker bars head to Khao San Road. Blues lovers should check out Adhere the 13th and if you want to be impressed by views, try Sky Bar which is 63 floors up or Three Sixty, part of the Millennium Hilton Bangkok.

Safety Thailand
Thailand is a relatively safe country, as safe as anywhere in western Europe, if not a lot more corrupt. Taxis can be hailed on the street but just be sure to get them to put the meter on (most will try not to) and pretend you know where you’re going. Tuk tuks will charge tourists excessive amounts for trips so haggle. And most taxi and tuk tuk drivers cannot read maps so there’s not much point showing them one!

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