France is full of wonder, from its chateaus to the Alps and just about everywhere in between. Explore the Loire Valley and its vineyards, sunbathe on the French Riviera or head to the Pyrenees for outdoor pursuits. Dine on incredible cuisine, lap up France’s art galleries and stroll along serene riverbanks.   

Why choose an internship in French hotels?

An internship in French hotels, tourism or events companies can be exceptionally rewarding. Not only is the country renowned for its cuisine and Michelin stars, but you’ll learn about five-star standard service, wine and top management skills. You’ll learn so much on an internship abroad in France.


We all know the French love their food and asking for well-cooked meat will be met with steely glances. Similarly, eating your food on the go in France, especially Paris, is frowned upon. When meeting for a celebration, kissing everyone on the cheeks, if there are 40 guests is expected, although which cheek to kiss first can confuse foreigners as it varies region by region.


If you’re looking for glorious weather on an internship in French hotels, head to the south in summer. Daytime temperatures are around 26 degrees, whereas in the north the average is around 19 degrees. Winter in the south averages around 10 degrees, while it is around 5 degrees in the north with rain. The Alps average at around -2 in winter and 17 degrees in summer.


French; also English in major cities and tourist areas. Speaking fluent French and English will be necessary for many companies. Check the requirements for current postings for an internship in French hotels, tourist firms and events companies here.

Currency and Prices

Depending of course on the region (Paris, tourist areas and then everywhere else), a meal in a cheap restaurant will cost €13-17, a beer is €4-5.50 and a bed in a hostel dorm will be between €17-30.

Must-Visit Destinations

Some of our favourite places in France that we’d recommend you see during your internship in French tourism, events or hotel companies are:

  • Strasbourg – This is a must-visit in December when the German Christmas market takes place. Its striking buildings, however, can be enjoyed anytime of the year.
  • Annecy – This gorgeous Alpine town has canals and bridges criss-crossing it, a lake and beautiful chateaus, not to mention the view of the Alps.
  • Riquewihr & Colmar – These towns are picture postcard perfect and like a scene from a Disney film which might be why Riquewihr is said to be the inspiration behind Disney’s 1991 Beauty and the Beast.
  • Marseille – A trendy city Mediterranean with beaches, museums, Roman ruins and live street performances.
  • The French Riviera – where the rich and famous come to play in St Tropez, Monaco and Saint-Paul de Vence. Dress to impress!


Paris, Marseille, Strasbourg and Lille all have great nightlife. Paris is obviously the most expensive but it has some of the best choices of music and bars in the country. Check out Time Out’s guide to Paris’ best bars.

Safety in France

France is as safe as anywhere else in western Europe. Be aware of tourist scams and ensure taxis are licensed.

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