Australia has just about everything you could wish for: incredible coastline, desert, Aboriginal rock art, vibrant cities, heck, it even has an underground town. You’ll likely fall in love with it if you choose an internship. Australia, in short, rocks (especially around Uluru).

Why choose a hospitality internship in Australia?

For many interns, the culture in Australia won’t be wildly different to your own which makes it easy to settle into life here. There’s the chance to explore a country that is as large as Europe, go skiing or sunbathing (or both) and learn Aussie slang. With an abundance of hotels, resorts, tour agencies and events firms, there are many opportunities waiting for you on a hospitality internship in Australia.


Make sure you discover the Aboriginal culture in Australia, the paintings and dreamtime stories are fascinating and the South Australia Museum and Tarnanthi, both in Adelaide, give a good overview. If, on your hospitality internship in Australia, you’re invited for a barbie (BBQ), you are most definitely expected to bring beer and the more, the merrier! Beers, by the way, are measured in schooners. Aussies are straight talking, they will say it like it is, they’re also funny and love to engage in sarcastic banter.


It’s a misnomer to think it’s always hot in Australia, but it isn’t, not in the lower half of the country in winter at least. Melbourne can have winter daytime temps of 13 degrees and rain. You can even go skiing in Victoria and New South Wales if you have a winter internship. Australia, however, is normally associated with blazing sun. Cairns and Darwin in the north of the country can hit 31-35 degrees in summer and it’s warm in the winter, too. Inland it can go above 40 degrees in summer.



Currency and Prices

The Australian dollar (AUD) is lower than the USD, Euro and GDP. (Current rates are 1 AUD = 0.72 USD; 0.65 Euro; 0.53 GBP) but it is stronger than it used to be. You can find a dorm bed in a hostel for 22-27 AUD, buy a beer for 7-9 AUD and eat in a cheap restaurant for 15-20 AUD. If you budget wisely on your internship, Australia is liveable and enjoyable.

Must-Visit Destinations

Don’t leave without visiting these places during or after your internship! Australia has so much to offer, including:

  • Whitsunday Islands – those photos you’ve seen of heaven on a beach really do exist here. Take a sailing trip out around the Great Barrier Reef – but no touching the coral!
  • Shark Bay / Denham / Monkey Mia – These are Western Australia’s under-visited gems. Wade out among sting rays, swim with black-tipped sharks, watch dolphins and platypus leaping in the waves.
  • Coober Pedy – the underground town which is as surreal as it sounds.
  • Uluru / Kings Canyon – That huge rock looks more impressive close up but please don’t climb up it, it’s a sacred Aboriginal site.
  • Tasmania – Australia’s forgotten cousin! If you have the time after your hospitality internship in Australia, head over to the lush island where hiking and nature abounds.


Australian cities Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth have some incredible nightlife. From beachfront clubs to chillout bars, you can find pretty much everything here, but it doesn’t come cheap. Expect to spend about 70-100 AUD for a decent night out. Check out Time Out’s guide to the best Melbourne bars and best Sydney bars.

Safety in Australia

It’s as safe here as it is western Europe. Ensure taxis put their meters on, buy tour tickets from reputable agencies and check with other interns or travellers for the best travelling tips.

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