We know you’ll probably have some questions, so we’ve tried to answer as many as possible. However, if you can’t find what you’re looking for please send an email to contact@luxureos.com.

How much are your fees?

Enrolment fee of 100 Euros(refundable if a placement is not found within eight weeks)

EUROPE : Standard programme fee of 300 Euros (Enrol. fee included)

WORLWIDE : Standard programme fee of 550 Euros  (Enrol. fee included)


Programme extras:

  • Help revamping your CV (maximum two A4 pages): INCLUDED
  • A one-hour professional interview coaching session: INCLUDED
  • Assistance in finding your first two weeks’accommodation: 20-40 Euros (plus the cost of the accommodation)
  • Taxi on arrival: 15-60 Euros
  • A welcome pack on arrival: 70 Euros

(includes a sim card, coupons to be used around the city,tourism guides, maps and much more)


+What will I get for my money?
What will I get for my money?

A lot,believe us. You’ll have a highly professional team that will help find the perfect luxury placement for you which will include:

  • A thorough consultation to assess your skills and role you’d like to apply for
  • A dedicated team member to work with you in finding a placement
  • Assistance reviewingyourworkcontract
  • Liaising between you and the placement company
  • Visa assistance
  • Follow-up during the internship
  • Plus any of the additional extras you choose

+What kind of internships do you offer?
The best ones! No, really, we do. All our placements are in the luxury hospitality, tourism and events industries. We work with 4- or 5-star hotels and high-end companies. You could have the chance to train as a chef or an assistant hotel manager, work in the HR department or as a consultant for a tour agency. We have many opportunities to meet your skills and dreams
+Which destinations can I work in?
The Seychelles, the Maldives, Thailand, Indonesia, Mexico,the UAE,Turkey,Austria, France, Italy, Monacoand many more.
+Who can apply?
If you’re studying at hospitality or business school we’d love to hear from you.You must be a current student in any country and be aged between 18 and 30.You must be passionate about the industry and have the ability to be self-sufficient in a new country.I’m studying PR and saw a placement for a public relations assistant in a hotel.
+Can I apply?
You might be the perfect fit. Fill in the onlineapply form and we’ll get back to you.
+How long will it take to find me a placement?
We aim to find you a placement within eight weeks. In the unlikely chance that we cannot find you an internship within that time, we’ll refund you the 100 Euro enrolment fee.
+Do you offer placements all year round?
Yes, we certainly do. Most of our internships start in January, June and September. So, if you fancy escaping a cold and wet winter, you can see which opportunities we have for that time of year. Or if you’d like to spend the summer months abroad, we can help you there, too.How long are the internships?Most are between two and six months but some might be longer.
+How does it all work?
You apply to us, we’ll see if you fit our requirements, and if you do, we’ll enrol you. We’ll deal with your college/university and you can see if there are any positions you’re interested in. We’ll liaise between you and the hotels saving you time and stress, and if you’re successful, you’ll be asked to have an interview with the hotel or company. We’ll prepare you right up to your departure and help you wherever we can.
+Can I do the interviews by phone?
Yes! All our interviews are conducted by phone and Skype. You’ll have an initial Skype application interview with us and if you are selected for an interview for the position you applied for, you’ll have a Skype interview with the hotel/company, too.
+Can you help with the interview questions?
We’d love to! We provide a one-hour interview coaching sessionas an additional extra to give you confidence for the real one. It’s conducted by Skype and is ideal for students whose first language isn’t English or others who would like to boost their technique before speaking to the hotels.
+How can I see which placements you offer?
We’ve put them on our Placement page for you to check out. If you do not find a suitable placement, you can send us your CV and we will forward it to our partner companies to see if there is anything suitable.
+Do I need to speak fluent English?
You need to have a high standard of English for our placements, especially for any managerial and guest-facing roles.
+Do I have to speak the language of the country?
While it’s not always necessary, it is an added bonus if you can. All language requirements are written in the individual placement descriptions.
+Will I have a contract?
Yes, and we’ll go through that with you. The contract will be between you andthe hotel or company and must be approved by your college/university. You will also sign a contract with Luxureos.
+What about visas?
We’ll help with that, don’t worry. Each country is different, but we’ll give you full information when you enrol on one of our programmes.
+Is accommodation provided?
In some placements, yes, it is provided. In others it’s not, but we can help you find somewhere to stay for the first few weeks.
+Will I be paid?
Some of our placements are paid, you can see what we have on offer on our Placements page.
+How many hours will I work?
That depends on the country you’re working in. Work hours are written in the job adverts on our Placements page.
+Can I do different jobs during my training?
You will be doing one main role, for example F&B supervisor, and you will have many tasks to do in that position where you will learn a new skillset. However, our placements do not have a rotating system where you will work in the hotel sales team one month and on reception the next. Instead, you will have a full experience in one role so you can gain as much knowledge as possible about it.This sounds amazing!
+How do I apply?
We’re glad you like the sound of it. You can click here to apply.