Ahh, the Seychelles where unspoiltwhite beachestake centre stage.Add to thatthe incredible turquoise sea, inland jungles and plush hotels and you’ve got one of the most sought-afterdestinations in the world. With all-year round sun, a warm climate and incredible scenery, it’s been described as paradise on earth(and we certainly won’t disagree). The cluster of 115 islands islocated 2,000km from the Maldives in the Indian Ocean, withMahé, Praslin and La Digue being the most populated and visited islands.

Why choose a Seychelles internship?

The Seychelles is synonymous with luxury and a Seychelles internship will give you access to working in the world’s top resorts. Here it is all about taking the utmost care of guests, ensuring their expectations are exceeded and that you are part of the team to make their dream holiday trulymemorable. If you’re a beach lover, an avid swimmer and are happy being part of a small community, then a Seychelles internship could be perfect for you.


The majority of Seychellois have a proudAfrican origin but different cultures have left their mark on the islands with Chinese and Indian traders, and French and British colonialists.You’ll notice on your Seychelles internship that the locals are pretty laid back and you’ll normally see them wearing a smile andcasual clothes.The Seychelles isa predominantly Catholic countrybut other faiths also exist side by side.


If it’s warmth you like, a Seychelles internshipis perfect. Daytime temperatures are relatively constant year-round and stay close to 30 degrees Celsius. The rainy season is from October to Marchbut it doesn’t rain all day, it’s usuallyfor a couple of hours,however,there’s a higher chance it will be overcast during these months.


Seychellois creole is spoken throughout the country, whileEnglish and French are the main languages for administration and tourism.Therefore, we welcome bilingual students (English and French) on our Seychelles internships.

Currency and Prices

Seychelles rupee is the local currency but paradise doesn’t come cheaply. A 330ml bottle of water costs around 17 Rs (1.15 Euros), a meal in a mid-range restaurant will cost about 400-475 Rs(25-30 Euros) and a half litre bottle of local beer is around 22 Rs(4.50 Euros).

Must-Visit Destinations

  • Mahé is home to the amazing Morne Seychellois National Park where you can hike past mangrove forests and up to the hills for impressive views across the island.
  • On Praslin Island, you can explore the UNESCO-listed Vallée de Mai, an ancient forest full of colourful birds and palm trees.
  • La Digue has some the best beaches that are easily accessible, including Anse Cocos and Anse Grosse Roche where stress and worry slip away into the turquoise sea.


The Seychelles nightlife is quite sedate and the bars and few clubs that exist are normally open at the weekends in the capital Victoria on Mahé. There a couple of others onPraslin but don’t be expecting the nightlife of London or Berlin.

Safety in the Seychelles
The Seychelles is a considered a safe country, with the main crime being petty theft. Violent crimes are rare but as always, be sensible and don’t put yourself in danger by wandering around alone at night in secluded areas.Don’t carry large amounts of cash around or wear expensive jewellery, leave that in the hotel safe.

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