About Us

Our Story

We know just how important international internships are at Luxureos, we started out on them ourselves. We’ve worked in placements in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, and have had positive life-changing experiences because of them. (We wouldn’t be here today without them.) We understand exactly what students need and with nearly a decade’s experience in the hospitality and tourism industry, know exactly how it works.

Our Work

We’ve partnered with some of the world’s most prestigious events, tourism and hospitality companies to offer incredible placements abroad. Our bespoke service is available to current hospitality and business school students looking to find an internship with a difference. All our placements are in world-class hotels or high-end businesses which open the door to new opportunities and skills in stunning locations.

Our Philosophy

We’re passionate about discovery through international placements and want to combine ambition with worldwide experiences. Our selected hotel internships abroad are designed to give students a global outlook in their working environment. We want to build their confidence and skillset so the students of today will become the hospitality professionals of tomorrow.

Our Vision

We want to enrich student’s lives and become the go-to name in luxury hospitality, tourism and event experiences abroad.